How to Save Elementor Page as Template

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Have you recently made a page in Elementor that you wish to save as a layout for sometime in the future? Doing so gives instant, adjustable pages in a basic, simple to-utilize design. You can utilize the recently saved page layouts somewhere else on a similar site or another site.

Need to know How to Save Elementor Page as Template?

Elementor Page As Template
Elementor Page As Template

Elementor saves the page formats in a library. You can get to the formats by means of the Templates choice in the WordPress Admin Dashboard or through Library in the Elementor board. Altering a page with the page developer is simpler and just expects you to recover the layout from the library.

This article examines how to save the Elementor page as a format and where to find it when you really want it. You’ll likewise find out about the advantages of saving an Elementor page as a layout. Continue to peruse for more data.

Benefits Of Saving Elementor Page As Template

There are many motivations behind why you ought to save a page as a format in Elementor. While you can fabricate pages in happy administration frameworks (CMS) like WordPress, you probably won’t come by amazing outcomes. You want Elementor page formats to make proficient looking designs with champion plan components rapidly.

By saving a page as a layout in Elementor, you can definitely diminish an opportunity to construct a decent page. You just need a couple of snaps to have your site pages ready. It’s likewise conceivable to reuse the page on your site or unit when you want it.

Furthermore, Elementor formats are accessible in different styles. The majority of them have implicit usefulness, eliminating the requirement for coding. Nonetheless, to partake in the high level highlights, you want the Elementor Pro module and not the free variant.

Besides, you would need to outdo the Elementor format packs, the module’s most recent component. When comparatively styled layouts get gathered, they structure a unit, which is implementable across the site. With an Elementor format pack, you can rapidly fabricate a whole site.

In conclusion, altering a page with the page developer is very simple. Also, you can do it with any gadget, including work areas, PCs, tablets, or cell phones. The cell phone choice gives a see of what the page would resemble on a more modest screen. In this way, it’s an extraordinary approach to guaranteeing page responsiveness.

Does Elementor Slow Down Your Site
Does Elementor Slow Down Your Site

How To Save Elementor Page As Template?

You can save a page as a format in Elementor and reuse it in the site or pack. All that’s needed is a couple of snaps to transform your Elementor page into a usable layout. This is the very thing you want to do:

Stage 1: The page has the Publish/Update button at the base. Click the up bolt close to it to see a spring up page.

Stage 2: Choose the Save as Template Options on the spring up page. That will guide you to another page where you can name the layout.

Stage 3: Name the new page format and snap save. The page consequently moves to the Elementor format library. You need to send out the format as a JSON record to utilize it on another site. Then again, you can utilize it on your site.

Where Are Elementor Templates Stored?

Elementor formats get put away in the Elementor Template Library. When you save a page format in Elementor, it consequently goes to the library. You can get to it by going to Templates in the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

In the event that you go to the Elementor board, the saved formats are available from the Library. On the other hand, you can utilize the hotkey Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + L to open the Elementor format library. Here, you can likewise get to presentation page layouts.

Elementor Page As Template
Elementor Page As Template


Now that you know how to save the Elementor page as a template, you can create wonderful web pages. Saving the templates to the Elementor Template Library makes them easily accessible. You can retrieve them either via the WordPress Admin dashboard or Elementor panel.

You can use the saved pages elsewhere on the same website later on. Alternatively, you can export the template as a JSON file and use it on a different website. So, you don’t have to rely solely on the templates provided by Elementor. Also, there is no need for you to create pages from scratch each time you want to add them to the website or elsewhere.

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